Payment Methods

We accept payments through Zelle (, Venmo (@AmyCTutoring), and PayPal ( We also accept checks made out to Carpenter Tutoring, LLC. Please contact Amy for a mailing address if you would like to pay by check.


Due to high appointment volumes, Amy is only able to travel to students in the Harbour View area of Suffolk, VA.

Please contact other tutors directly to discuss their locations and in-person policies.

Remote sessions

Remote sessions are typically conducted from tutors' homes. We use online video conferencing software such as Zoom and Google Meet. Your tutor will inform you of their preferred meeting method and provide initial meeting instructions and support.

Late Cancellations

Sessions cancelled within 72 hours of their start time will incur a late cancellation fee equal to 40% of the cancelled session price.


Sessions which a student does not attend with no notice of cancellation will be charged the full session price.

Session Duration

Sessions are purchased in half-hour increments, and the shortest appointment duration is 60 minutes. Families are responsible for the amount of time they book and will be charged based on that amount. Students who provide no advance notice of a need to end their meeting early will still be responsible for the full session price. If a student is late to their appointment, we will work to the end of their scheduled time, but no later.

Proof of Progress Evaluations

Proof of Progress letters will be returned within 7 days of notification that materials are ready for review. Families are responsible for sending Proof of Progress letters and proof of evaluator credentials to their school system by August 1, the deadline for Proof of Progress submissions in Virginia. Notifications regarding sample readiness sent on or after July 24 of each year will incur a $10 late submission fee per evaluation. All payments are expected within two weeks of receipt of letter(s). Payment method information is available on this site as well as in the email sent along with Proof of Progress letters.

Learning Acceleration Grants

Carpenter Tutoring is proud to serve Virginia students and families as a vendor for the K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant. Families must share student names as they appear on the grants, associated parent name, and associated address for invoicing purposes. Families are expected to upload emailed invoices at their earliest convenience as there are significant lag times between family submission and fund deposits from ClassWallet. While Carpenter Tutoring will provide an overview of funds used with our tutors with each invoice, families are expected to keep track of fund use and communicate with tutors when funds are nearing exhaustion to plan an end date for services or a transition to out-of-pocket payment. Grant vendors cannot see fund totals or funds used with other vendors, so we rely on families completely to communicate their remaining balances. Families who fail to notify us that their funds are nearly or have been depleted or rescinded but continue to use services will be required to pay for any excesses out-of-pocket.