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Carpenter Tutoring is a private tutoring service based in Suffolk, Virginia. I offer in-person sessions throughout the Hampton Roads area and remote sessions anywhere in the country. Most of my offerings are one-on-one, and group sessions and classes are also available. No matter your budget, I am confident that we can find an arrangement that will provide your student services without creating financial strain.

I invite you to scroll down to learn more about the services I offer, my background, and some of my policies. Thank you for visiting, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I would be thrilled to assist you!

Subject Tutoring

Tutoring for specific courses or disciplines

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Time Management

Personalized plans for managing academics, extracurriculars, and other commitments

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Study Skills

Learn how to make the most of your study time

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Academic Coaching

Time management and study skills blended with continuing accountability

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College Prep

ACT & SAT preparation and assistance with college application essays

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College-Level Writing

Get a head start on meeting professors' expectations

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Group Webinars

Participate in general workshops and pre-planned courses from the comfort of home

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Dissertation Coaching

Ensure your research is communicated effectively and eloquently

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Pricing Guide

Subject, Time Management, Study Skills Tutoring Academic Coaching and College Prep Dissertation Coaching Group Webinars
Remote $50 per hour $60 per hour $60 per hour $30 per hour
In-Person $60 per hour $70 per hour $70 per hour

School is tricky, and there is no universal pathway to success. I started Carpenter Tutoring for those seeking a little help finding their way.

I received my B.A. from The College of William and Mary in 2018 and received my M.Ed. from W&M in 2020. As an undergraduate, I worked and was trained as a tutor at W&M's peer tutoring center, the Tribe TutorZone. During this period, I conducted over 150 one-on-one appointments with W&M students in 26 different content areas. I earned lifetime Advanced Tutor Certification, the highest level W&M can grant, through the College Reading and Learning Association, and I was trained as a time management consultant. I took on leadership roles within the TutorZone until I was working alongside its director. As a graduate student, I became one of the Graduate Assistants helping oversee the TutorZone as well as an academic coach to students with high need for academic support.

I loved getting to work with the Tribe TutorZone tutors, but I realized that I missed being the tutor. There's just nothing like watching the light bulb of understanding go off or seeing students who had struggled with material master it! With that realization, I decided to dedicate my life to my passion -- helping students of all ages learn, succeed, and believe in themselves.

My instructional approach focuses on meeting students where they are and supporting them through any hesitations or discomforts from which academic difficulties may arise. Whether your student only has to brush up on a few concepts or is resistant to completing coursework, I will come to each session with patience, understanding, and just the right amount of discipline. I truly believe that excellent educational relationships begin with mutual respect, and I work to build meaningful relationships with all of my clients.

Thank you for considering Carpenter Tutoring.