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Carpenter Tutoring is a private tutoring service based in Suffolk, Virginia. We offer high-engagement remote appointments through Zoom. A limited number of in-person appointments with me are also available for students in the Harbour View region of Suffolk, VA. Most of our offerings are one-on-one, and siblings and pre-existing groups of students may opt for group meetings. No matter your budget, I am confident that we can find an arrangement that will provide your student services without creating financial strain.

I invite you to explore and learn more about the services we offer, Carpenter Tutoring's background, and some of our policies. Thank you for visiting, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We will be thrilled to assist you!

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Amy Carpenter
Amy Carpenter, M.Ed.

Subject Tutoring

Tutoring for specific courses or disciplines

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Time Management

Personalized plans for managing academics, extracurriculars, and other commitments

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Study Skills

Learn how to make the most of your study time

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Academic Coaching

Time management and study skills blended with continuing accountability

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College Application Assistance

Assistance with generating a college list and crafting application essays

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College-Level Writing

Get a head start on meeting professors' expectations

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Dissertation Coaching

Ensure your research is communicated effectively and eloquently

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Standardized Test Prep

Tailored assistance in preparing for a variety of standardized tests

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Music Lessons

Instrument and/or composition lessons for students of all ages

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Proof of Progress Evaluations

Two levels of portfolio-based evaluations for homeschool families looking to satisfy Proof of Progress or gain insight into their child's learning

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Pricing Guide - Remote*

Single Subject, Time Management, Study Skills Tutoring, Music Lessons $60/hr
Multi-Subject, Academic Coaching, Dissertation Coaching, Test Prep, College Application Assistance $70/hr
Small Group Sessions, Group Lessons $40/hr/student
Simplified Homeschool Evaluations $45
Detailed Homeschool Evaluations $80+

*In-person pricing for students in the Harbour View region of Suffolk is $10/hr more in each category.

See a list of our policies and procedures regarding scheduling, payment, and booking.

C.L. Cannon

I hired Amy to complete an end-of-the-year evaluation for both of my Elementary aged sons. This being our first year of independent home instruction, the task of testing and/or evaluation was daunting! Amy put my fears to rest! She was super easy to work with, had great communication skills, and answered all my questions in a timely and informative manner! I would highly recommend her services!

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Lee Crabtree

Amy is a wonderful tutor who helped my child (who does not like help at all) though some difficult classes where the teacher was not providing the support my child needed. Highly recommended.

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Connor Fenton

I was a Graduate student at the College of William and Mary who needed to pass a Latin Language test as part of my degree requirements. I was struggling with refreshing my Latin after a few years out of the classroom and Amy was both professional and helpful. With her tutoring I was able to pass my test and finish my degree. She is very considerate and easy to work with.

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